Monday, July 2, 2007

Shout outs

So since my readership seems to consist predominantly of three people - Tim, Huy and Joyce - I thought it would be appropriate to give them some props by promoting their own writings.

Huy has been blogging for longer than all of us, and his experience shows. Although it pains me to say it, his blog is tremendously funny, well-written and entertaining. I strongly recommend you become a regular reader, but please don't leave too many complimentary comments, as flattery to Huy is like chocolate mud-cake to a diabetic fat man (too much isn't good for him).

Joyce is taking a slightly different approach to blogging by writing fewer entries and packing more into them. Basically, it's a necessary step, since Joyce doesn't have much free time and needs to schedule blogging entries between gigs, theatre, weekends away and culinary excursions. Reading a post on Joyce's blog makes you realise just how much is going on out there in the big city and also just how much of it involves Joyce (i.e. a lot).

Tim's blog is relatively new, but I'm sure he'll soon overtake all of us both on number and length of postings. He also tends towards weightier topics - his insights into politics, literature and film are well worth reading - even though you have to sift through the odd piece of drivel about a now-defunct football team known only as the "Bears".


Huy the Lad said...

I think there was a compliment somewhere in there. Michael, you've made my day.

Huy the Lad said...

Yep. The post was definitely complimentary. Just double checking. Keep up the good work!

Joyce said...

mine was definitely complimentary. thats because i'm neither an egomaniac or earnest :)

Tim said...

Wait - I thought earnest was a compliment!

Michael said...

But I didn't even use the word earnest?!