Saturday, July 7, 2007

Huy Le, Egomaniac - Part 2

Here is a picture of Huy Le, egomaniac, looking typically smug.

This is now three posts in a row in which I have written about Huy, which will no doubt only feed his ego further (it really doesn't take much). And my next proper posting is likely to be about our karaoke experience yesterday, and will no doubt feature a fairly favourable review of Huy's R&B stylings on the microphone. But after that I'm going to do my best to make sure my next few postings are Huy Le-free. Sorry, Huy.

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Huy the Lad said...

Michael, this INFATUATION is starting to creep me out a wee little bit. Oh, go on then, keep blogging about me. Speaking of blogging, I really should really be posting something soon. But perhaps a post with a link to your blog would suffice? Afterall, it's all about me at the moment and has never been a more entertaining read! Sincerely, Huy.