Thursday, March 8, 2007

No longer homeless

The housing market in London is so ridiculous that it takes about 3 generations of saving pennies in order to buy a property here - the only way to shorten the process is to make a windfall by winning the national lottery or scoring a football contract. Even renting is hard, but I've managed to break my way into the market by securing a room in a nice flat in Finsbury Park and a reasonable price. Now the word on the street about Finsbury Park is mixed - apparently there are some parts of the suburb that are a bit dodgy - but I like it and having to combat a bit of street crime on the way to and from the tube station should make a man of me. Anyway, check out these pictures of my new place ... I'm moving in on Sunday so feel free to come and stay any time after that ... just make sure you bring some capsicum spray and a personal alarm to make sure you get here safely.

1 comment:

chuan said...

Great! You've found a nice, comfortable place for me to stay in London! Good work little man!