Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Answer: Not as sweet

Well, in my first ever blog posting I wondered whether the traffic noise in London would sound as sweet as the noise of Dandenong Rd. The answer is no. In London, there are lots more buses, vans and wailing sirens than I ever heard along Dandenong Rd and most of them seem to like driving up and down my street - I didn' t realise that Upper Tollington Park was part of the "scenic route" to just about every destination in this city, but apparently it is. As a result of which, I've had very little sleep over the past week or so (notwithstanding the fact that I've bought Boots chemist's entire stock of earplugs). So I'm moving. Next weekend in fact, to a nice mansion flat in Maida Vale - different side of the city and potentially a little staid (there's very little funky urban grit in Maida Vale from what I've seen), but at least it's quiet (I'm on the fourth floor facing a one way street - gold). I'll post some photos when I can. In the meantime, if you want me to show you the sights of Finsbury Park, you'd better hurry up, because the last tour leaves on 31 March.


Bit Bit said...

I haven't even visited your place yet and you're moving! I guess as long as there is plenty of food stocked in your fridge, I'll be happy. Hope everything is going well for Farayi and you!

Btw, I just bought the Sony 40" X Series LCD.. the same one as Roger. I can now see every wrinkle in Jennifer Aniston's face.

churchboybrian said...

micheal i wanna send you an email ... but what the hell is your email address? - brian (send me a reply .