Friday, March 30, 2007

Was that Martin Lawrence? I don't think so.

Star-spotting is a favourite passtime of most visitors to London. Nothing thrills a tourist more than the prospect of running into Jude Law coming out of a seedy nightclub or catching Hugh Grant and Liz Hurley making out in a dingy back-alley. Maybe that's why people in London spend so much time hanging around seedy nightclubs and dingy back-alleys ... but that's beside the point. Since I'm still very much in tourist mode, it's no surprise that I've been doing some star-spotting of my own. Well, actually, it was completely by accident that I stumbled across the red carpet premiere of the very art-house new flick "Wild Hogs", but what a happy accident it was. I saw all the stars of the show ... well, I saw a tall bald guy who I thought was John Travolta, but it turned out it wasn't. And I saw another guy that I thought was Martin Lawrence, but I later found out that he was just a security guard. And I probably saw William H Macy, but he was so nondescript that he blended into the crowd. And then we got bored and went to get dinner.

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