Friday, March 6, 2009

Oh no!

So Joyce has just joined the exodus back to Australia - the lure of Brisbane is obviously stronger than anyone ever imagined. Naturally, her farewell dinner last weekend was a fun though sad event, but I think the significance of her departure only hit me this week ... when the Timeout arrived in the post. I realised that, for the first time in a long time, I would actually need to READ it in order to find out what's going on in London. No more Joyce to sift through the crap and come up with the good stuff and then organise dates, buy tickets and find a good place to eat near by. From now on, the remaining Londoners have to do their own social organising. In Conrad's words "The horror!"

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Jetsetting Joyce said...

Aw thanks for the shout out Michael! Although I'd like to make a correction - not wanting to disparage anyone who chooses to live in Brisbane (my parents and a good wack of my friends), but I am in fact moving to Melbourne. The Vic government tells me it's the place to be. See you there at some stage :)