Sunday, November 16, 2008


I wouldn't describe myself as a superstitious person. However, I do have to admit to feeling uneasy in the mornings until I have rubbed my crystal buddha's belly for luck and, during university, I would often consult my mystic 8 ball on important life questions. Oh, and I almost cried when my lucky pacer pencil from high school, which I used for all of my final year exams, stopped working. What a sad day that was.

I admit that my superstitions don't always work. For example, I'm not sure what the mystic 8 ball was on about when it said "Things are looking up." when I was wondering about whether or not to take Legal Issues in Medicine in 4th year uni. But, on the whole, I'm quite happy with how things are going, so I'll keep following my superstitions for now, thank you. In fact, things are indeed looking up and perhaps it's my daily superstitions that are helping. In particular, I seem, all of a sudden, to have become very good at playing bingo.

Now, I say "all of a sudden" but who's to say that I haven't always been good at bingo? Last Friday night was, in fact, the first and only time I've ever played the game and I won twice in the space of 30 minutes. Did I deserve it? Well, hard to say, but I know that no one in the crowd at Underground Rebel Bingo wanted to win that electro shock ball more than me. The ball has certainly found a good home in the shoe box where I keep all my assorted novelty possessions. The 106 pounds in loose change also came in handy, and from the booing audience, I can only assume that it was a prize that people other than me also coveted. I hope I preserved some good karma by spending a portion of the winnings on buying mojitos for my friends. I intend to inject the remainder into the British economy in order to help ward off further economic crisis. A selfless cause, I think you'll agree. It's that kind of behaviour, along with the rubbing of my buddha's belly, that keeps me on the lucky side of the street. For those wanting to learn the secrets of my success, please just drop me an email with "guru" in the subject line.

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