Monday, June 4, 2007


Let's set some things straight before I get stuck into this post. I eat red meat. I drink beer. I love watching football, particularly when there's a bit of biff on the field. I have fairly relaxed standards of personal hygiene. I like environmentally unfriendly cars with big engines. Got it? Now, on the other hand a brief survey of last weekend shows that I also enjoy eating chicken caesar salad, drinking sugary-minty cocktails through a straw and spending evenings sipping champagne and reading Cosmopolitan magazine. And, on top of that, I'm also a MASSIVE fan of Beyonce Knowles. And I'm totally comfortable with that.

Now that we've sorted that out, let's get on with the real business of this post, which is to rave about the Beyonce concert that I went to last night. Without overstatement, it was stunning from start to finish from the opening blast of "Crazy In Love" to the final massed sing-along to the chorus of "Irreplaceable" it was quality all the way. Beyonce herself was fit with a capital F, I and T (think thighs and think fine) and her costumes were flattering to say the least (let's just say she was showing plenty of jiggle when she was getting her wiggle on). The all-girl band was tight too - and not shy about showing off their skills (particularly the drummer who insisted on eating grapes and french breadsticks while in the middle of her drum solos). But the back-up singers stole the show for me - let's just say that BIG is most definititely SEXY, particularly when you wrap it up in black sequins and mix in a healthy dose of 'tude.

So if the Beyonce Experience ever rolls through your part of the world, do yourself a favour and GO SEE IT. Sorry the pictures don't give you a better idea of what it was like. The first couple didn't come out exactly the way I intended. But I seem to have gotten it right with the last one.

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